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Peter Marchl


Peter’s Role:

As your Financial Planner, Peter will coordinate the financial planning process for you. He will help you to identify your retirement goals and will work with you to implement a series of customized strategies aimed to realize your vision for the future by way of detailed analysis, investment knowledge and in-depth understanding of all facets of the financial world.

in his own words

“The reason I do what I do is because I love seeing my community grow and prosper. I can do my small part to foster this growth through helping my clients reach their financial potential; To make them feel confident about their financial future; To be there to answer and handle any and all finance questions; To be there during major life events, and most importantly, to build strong, trusting and lasting relationships.”

why you’ll love peter

Peter is easy going, affable,  loves to share his passion for finance and educate clients on all things money related. Even though he understands that not all people find it as interesting as he does!

He loves swapping travel pictures with clients, hearing their life stories, and gaining a new perspective through their unique experiences.

Melinda Hill

Client Service Associate

About Melinda:

Melinda has worked on Peter’s team since 2011. She is a wealth of knowledge, detail oriented and is very sociable, building an excellent rapport with clients. Clients enjoy her witty sense of humor and friendly nature, routinely exchanging stories about family, vacations and what’s happening in their lives. Melinda is married with three young children and grew up in Rossport Ontario.

why you’ll love them

Melinda is the administration and paperwork Queen and solver of all problems. She is our clients first point of contact for almost everything and keeps Peter organized. You’ll love her wit and sometimes sassy sense of humour. 

Lisa Loiselle

Client Service Associate


Lisa has worked in the investment industry since 2001 as an Administrative Assistant. She was born and raised in Thunder Bay and has two daughters. Although she moved to Southern Ontario to study economics at U of T, her love for the outdoors has brought her back North. If you enjoy camping, fishing, hiking, and/or gardening, you’ll have a lot in common with Lisa.

why you’ll love them

Lisa is known for her professionalism, organizational skills, experience. She is an excellent listener and if you’re one for the outdoors, you’ll have plenty to talk about with Lisa. 

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