Working Together

The process below has been designed to give you a first impression towards working together. Like any partnership, it only works if it’s the right fit. We want you to be able to make the most informed decision possible. 

If it turns out we are the right fit for you, there is no cost or obligation for this introductory process. We want you to know how we can best help you succeed before you pay us a single dollar in fees.

Lets get started

Step one

kick-off phone meeting

Before investing your valuable time, we start with a quick chat over the phone. This will help us both determine whether our expertise is the right fit for your current situation and goals.

If for any reason we don’t think we’re the best match, we’ll happily refer you to other firms better suited to help your specific needs.

Step TWO

In-Person Meeting

Face to face, this is where we clearly lay out your financial goals, hopes, worries, and ambitions in fine detail.

You’ll have questions for us, we’ll have questions for you and this, along with a few requested documents, will help craft our analysis. 



Using the information we gathered from our initial meetings, along with years of experience, we help answer four crucial questions:

  • Can you afford to retire?
  • Are you over-paying your taxes?
  • Can your portfolio be improved?
  • Can you mitigate risk, eliminate any threats to your retirement?

Step four

Analysis Follow-up Meeting

In this meeting, we review our analysis and explain clearly what you need to do in order to make those goals, hopes, ambitions come true.  This is where you see in the numbers just how Peter Marchl Investments can help you with your retirement.

After the follow-up, we will ask if you’d like to begin working with us or if you’d like to take some time to think about it.

Step five

Take Your Time

Who you trust with your retirement finances is a big decision, take your time. We are local, independent firm. There are no sales quotas, zero pressure to sell. We are as careful as you, with who we work with. Here are few questions that may help with your decision:

  • How did I get along with Peter and his team?
  • Will the benefits/return exceed the cost?
  • Are we on the same page with investment strategy?
  • Do their recommendations make sense?

Step six

Paperwork & Celebrate

This is final stage of the introductory process and the first step towards a successful working relationship together. We answer any further questions you may have and when you’re ready, start the paperwork to become a client. 

And that’s reason to celebrate. 

Interested in learning more?

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